It’s simply good business to hire or buy a vacuum excavation unit to look for utilities. When you investigate utility conflicts by digging with a vacuum excavation truck or trailer-mounted unit, you know beyond a doubt what’s down there. But deciding on the type of equipment you’ll need is not so simple. Vacuum excavation equipment […]

Should be coming to Sarasota, FL with our Vacuum trucks this week to meet up with some clients of ours to start operations there and build our reputation as being safe and environmental friendly. We will demonstrate our commitment in soft digging and finding utilities without any damage.

We started working in Port Charlotte early last week breaking ground and meeting the great community there. Its been a pleasure doing work for them in underground soft dig in locating utilities for this area. Our first job was helping to move a pole 8 inches from its location. We discovered a water main down […]

Vacuum Dig is moving ahead up the coast of South West Florida. We are positioning our vacuum trucks up the coast reaching Tampa from Naples Florida. We continue to show how soft digging is becoming very popular in utility locating for buried underground utilities. Our Vac trucks are small enough to fit in any space […]

Vacuum Dig has moved to the west cost headed by Ernest R. Powell Jr. We are very excited about this move and hope to expand our current company from the east.  We will provide the save services like soft digging, excavation of subsurface ground using an excavation vacuum. We also will be doing allot of […]

Its been really cold lately and families at home have turning up the heater. This will intern create a spike in underground cables or subsurface powerlines. Creating a surge or burp on the system. This would be the best time to call us to come in and repair and locate the subsurface line under ground. […]

This week we will be having training for our employees in the arts of finding sub surface, underground, faults locates underground. Ernest R. Powell Jr will be conducting the training. If you any

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Vacuum Dig Enterprises launching new website soon! This website will focus on job placement for Freight truckers and help employers find drivers sooner then later.

Vacuum Dig looking to gain contract with Minto’s to provide electrical installing for Big Builder in New Home Construction. “We will continue to provide underground locates to our current clients for excavation and vacuum dig. We are all excited to take on this new venture” — Ernest

Ernest— Contractors hit an underground AT&T line and puts out over 1000 customers.. Wellington Residents were out for 8 hours.

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