Ditchwitch vs Vermeer

Ditchwitch vs Vermmer Vacuum Machines

I currently own both of the brands and have done extensive research from the blower end to the engines they use. Both units are great for vacuum excavation and soft dig jobs, but one does stand out above the rest. Vermeer uses pd blowers that are universal amongst other brands. They are easy to change out if one goes bad and fairly simple to work on. They use gas or diesel for their vacuum machines. Tanks vary from 250 up to 24oo gallons. We currently own the v750. The blower will put out around 575 cfm and the gas has about 24 horse power to it. They come with a 3 to 4 inch hose. I recommend using the 4 inch hose for underground vacuum excavation. Its easier to pull up larger size stones in the ground. Overall I give this unit 7 out of 10 for a score. The Ditch Witch vacuum unit brings really nice blowers and engines to the table. Their blowers are made from Tuthil and engines are Cummins or Deutz. Tank size vary from 300 gallons up to 1600 gallons. We currently use a 1200 gallon tank running a diesel Cummins. It has about 1000 cfm with about 67 HP. Now what I like best about the Tuthil blower we have is and most have is the pulling power of 16 HG. Comparing the two units I would have to go with the Ditch Witch. The reason being that the vacuum is around 16hg on most of their units while the Vermeers fall short of around 14-15 hg. When it comes down to it, and your soft digging soil or debris it really does help to have a machine with a little extra vacuum to pull up soil and stones and not get clogged all the time. So the clear winner for me would be the Ditch Witch. Stay tuned for more subjects or any questions you may have about this industry in vacuum excavation.
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