What hose size to choose in vacuum excavation?

vacuum hoses

Choosing the right hose size can be confusing. Im sure their could be some algorithm to solve this answer, but I,ll just take what Ive learned over the 20 years in this business.

Once you choose the vacuum blower or pump for your application, the next question is how long will the run(length) be that you will be excavating. You should also take into consideration the speed of the air traveling through the hose and what type of debris you will be working with.

Ive tried all kinds hose lengths and diameters from 100 foot length hoses to 5 inch in diameter.

So here we go.
The problem with the 5 inch or even 4 inch diameter hoses is that they can be difficult to handle and in most cases down right dangerous. Ive seen so many instances where my self or my employees mishandled the hose and a rock gets caught up in the hose, which then creates a jerking explosion which hits them in the face causing minor injury.

You also have to be careful not to get to small which could damage your blower as well. In my field we use the 3 inch diameter hose. Thats about 15-20 in length. It works the best as far as handling and flexibility. The reason I choose this is because, yes it doesnt take in that much debris as to the larger size hoses but its safe, east to control and extremely versatile in the field.

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