Services in Vacuum Excavation

We provide vacuum truck services typically referred to within the industry as sub-surface utility engineering (S.U.E.) or Hydro-Excavation. There are circumstances in which conventional methods do not precisely locate the utilities. In these cases additional means may be utilized. These include ground penetrating radar (for non-metallics), and Vacuum Dig field of expertise; vacuum excavation.

In order to give the client exact information as to where the utility-in question lies, we use the

nations leading vacuum excavation technology for environmentally safe, non-destructive test holes.

The S.U.E. Analyst will determine the exact location for test hole excavation by utilizing methods mentioned previously. Once the excavation location or conflict point is determined, the trained Vacuum Dig crew prepares the test hole for visual verification. Using a vacuum hose and pneumatic air lance in tandem, the soil is carefully disrupted and cleared to provide the safest method of utility exposure available.

After the utility is located, the technician replaces the native soil, if possible, or, will use a special fill as determined by code or client. Depths of the utility are taken and a survey marker is posted in order to re-establish the test hole location at a future date, should the need occur. A typical utility line is exposed within 4 x 8 test holes. Test holes may be as big as 12 x 12.

We provide the means to help to soft dig power line poles from 6,8,10,12,14 feet in the ground (wood or concrete), soft dig and install hand holes and locate lines underground using soft dig excavation equipment.


Quick List of Services:

1. Pipeline Services
2. Pot Holing
3. Slot Trenching
4. Street Light Installations
5. Concrete power-line pole setting
6. Exposing Utilities
7. Cathodic Protection
8. Plant and Industrial Operations
9. Special Drilling Applications

Other services we provide also.

Flood Response   Pipe Video Inspection   Catch Basin & Pipe Cleaning   Structure & Pipe Sealing   Root Treatment with RootX®   Pipe Air, Dye & Smoke Testing   Pipe Lining   Commercial Dive Crew   Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning    & Culvert Cleaning   Large Tank Cleaning   Tunnel/Soft Dig/Trench Cleaning   Plug Installation & Dewatering   Embankment Restoration   Pipe Sag Removal

Non-Destructive Digging is safe for excavating around pipes and cables. By using a Vacuum Excavator Non-Destructive Digging Machine provided by NO DIG Equipment, you will eliminate the risk of damaging underground services as well as eliminate the risk of injuring your crew during operation. Non Destructive Digging is the fastest technique to dig straight holes and trenches without mess.

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