Hydro Excavation? Simply put, its a process of using water to penetrate the ground due to hardening of the soil. There are a number of methods in using this technology. The most preferred method is using high pressure water around 2000-3000 psi to penetrate the ground.  The water can be applied using a water jet […]

Ditchwitch vs Vermmer Vacuum Machines I currently own both of the brands and have done extensive research from the blower end to the engines they use. Both units are great for vacuum excavation and soft dig jobs, but one does stand out above the rest. Vermeer uses pd blowers that are universal amongst other brands. […]

New information is essential to success. Attitude allows you to see the possibilities when opportunity strikes. Opportunity is elusive. It exists all over the place, but few can see it. Some people fear it because in involves change. Nothing happens until you do something to make it happen…everyday. We can’t really succeed until we embrace […]

So what makes us unique?   We are all humans…right?  We make mistakes and sometimes we pay  the hard way and sometimes we have solutions. This is indeed the way things work….sometimes.  I will always be different than the person you met before. The one thing about this world is… CHANGE is  ALWAYS HAPPENING. How do […]

Wow Florida!!!! How about this up and down weather pattern we keep getting. All that cold one day from the North and then that Beautiful warm Gulf air from the South.  This weather is kind of playing around with how the crops will grow and when. A few weeks ago  I just saw blooming mango […]

Vacuum Excavation is 100% safer and more efficient than using a shovel to hand dig. Why get tired and drained from hand digging and maybe hit something that you didn’t know about…like a fiber optic cable.. or something worst.  Vacuum Excavation its safe and effective.

In vacuum excavation there is allot of talk or hype about using the right Hg for your application. Well Im here to set it straight. Hg is defined as according to Wikipedia: Inches of mercury, (inHg and “Hg) is a unit of measurement for pressure. It is still used for barometric pressure in weather reports, […]

Roots blowers that are vacuums need to get a certain amount of air to keep the rotors cool. So when choosing the size you need, take into consideration the debris you will be working with. Naturally the bigger the material the bigger the hose. One thing to look-out for is the size of the hose. […]

Choosing the right hose size can be confusing. Im sure their could be some algorithm to solve this answer, but I,ll just take what Ive learned over the 20 years in this business. Once you choose the vacuum blower or pump for your application, the next question is how long will the run(length) be that […]

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